Support Staff Unity!

Summer fun & vacation time may be upon us now…

But it’s always time to Support Our Union!

Below is the Shoreham/Wading River unit displaying there Support Staff Unity t-shirts!


Stop the Outsourcing!

On April 17th and 25th, 2014 four of the Miller Place food service workers stood in front of Stop & shop in Miller Place to raise community awareness about the dangerous practice of outsourcing going on in there community. And collected 200+ signatures in support of there cause!

Little known to many is a group of 13 Cafeteria food service workers in Miller Place, whose jobs are being threatened by our common foe… Outsourcing! Our children’s lunch ladies jobs are on the line and we all need to help, by showing our support for them!

Where does it stop! And could you be next?

Let’s stand together by going to their Facebook page, liking it and post your comments in support of their cause.

They need your help!

So PLEASE, go to the link below and support there cause, as they would support yours. The jobs you save may just be your own!

In solidarity we stand together!

Thank You!!

Click Here to Stand with the 13!