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HUGE WIN for Our Members


In 2012, the State Department of Civil Service issued Policy Memos 122r2 and 122r3 which only allowed a health insurance buyout to be paid by a New York State Health Insurance Program (“NYSHIP”) participating agency/employer if the employee proved they had coverage other than through NYSHIP.

According to the Department of Civil Service, Memorandum 122r3 was to be followed regardless of what may have been agreed to in collective bargaining agreements. This prohibition impacted mostly Long Island Region 1 and Southern Region 3, but the ruling will affect all NYSHIP participating agencies/employers throughout New York State.

After years of litigation, The Court of Appeals, New York’s highest court, has rejected the State’s final appeal.

To the extent the buyout programs were suspended, they should be put back in force.  

This is a huge win for CSEA members as this decision preserves the right to collectively bargain the terms and conditions of health insurance buyouts.


CSEA Local 870 – 2017 Spring Workshop Photos

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It was great to have a big turnout for this event and the sharing of Information along with the fun made this day OUTSTANDING for our members.

Defensive Driving Fall 2017

The Spring Defensive Driving class schedule for 2017 is up!

Reduce up to 4 points on your driving record and Save 10% for 3 years on auto insurance with New York Safety Program’s 6 hour driver improvement course.

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106th Annual Delegates Meeting

Maria Navarro, president of the Suffolk County Educational Employees Local and local executive board members, received the Nadra Floyd Award.  Learn more…>


2017 CSEA Local 870 Scholarship Winners

Kevin Guichard
CSEA Member-Father

David Guichard
Kings Park School District

Annalise Ayala
CSEA Member- Mother & Father

Herminia Ayala & Samson Ayala
Patchogue-Medford School District

Esteban Homero Idrovo Ponce
CSEA Member-Mother
Cinthia A. Idrovo
Amityville School District

Not Pictured: Sofie Wilson , Mother – Aubrey Wilson, Member Connetquot School District

Expert Tax Preparation For CSEA Members At A Discount!

  • Staff of CPA’s and Enrolled Agents
  • Free review of prior 3 years of tax returns
  • We have been able to amend past tax returns and increase our client’s refund for prior preparer errors or oversights.  Read more ›


Local 870 Open House a Success!

Suffolk Educational local 870 Open House Info Fair was a great success thanks to the over 100 members that attended. The wonderful tasting food and raffles were very much enjoyed, This is a day that gives back to our Local 870 members and we are proud of this event. Read more ›


CSEA awarded 3 Irving Flaumenbaum Scholarships to Region One

All of Region One wishes to CONGRATULATE The Following Scholarship winners, the CSEA parent, the Local and Local President as well as Unit President. Thank you for participating and making this award available to your members’ children.

Casey Butcher
High School: Gen Douglas MacArthur
College: Stanford University
Local 830
Parent: William G. Butcher
Accounts Auditor
Nassau County DPW
President: Jerry Laricchiuta
Kristina Schwab
High School: WC Mepham
College: University of Pittsburgh
Local 882 Unit 724700
Parent: Lisa Schwab 
Clerical Aide, Town of Hempstead Housing Authority
President: John Shepherd
President:W. Ingram
Danielle Mahn
High School: Division Avenue
College: Northeastern University
Local 865
Unit 755100
Parent: Lisa C. Mahn
Teacher Aide
Levittown Public School District
President: Monica Berkowitz
President: S. Waldron


Region One Summer Camp Scholarship Winners!

Region One Awarded the following Summer Camp Scholarships at this summer’s International Day. President Nick LaMorte and the rest of the Region Executive Board Congratulates all of the winners.

Below is a list of CSEA members who won the Send A Kid To Camp Scholarship awards ($500 each).

1. Joseph Carapazza, III – CSEA Local 852, Town of Huntington Unit
2. Melanie Cardone-Leathers – CSEA Local 852, Longwood Public Library Unit
3. Pebble Cifarelli – CSEA Local 830, Nassau University Medical Center Unit
4. Deice Acevedo – CSEA Local 830, Nassau County Dept. of Social Services Unit
5. Matthew Sarter – CSEA Local 830, Nassau County Public Safety Officers Unit
6. Andrea Mouradian – CSEA Local 830, Nassau County Dept. of Assessment
7. Cherita Wilson – CSEA Local 016, Dept. of Motor Vehicles
8. Kerrie Kirshenbaum – CSEA Local 880, Town of Hempstead

Two additional names were drawn to win a $500 award sponsored by the AccuHealth Medical Group, they are:

1. Cherita Wilson – CSEA Local 016, Dept. of Motor Vehicles
2. Yadira Wells – CSEA Local 880, Town of Hempstead


2015 Membership Conference Photos

Suffolk Educational Local 870 School Supplies Delivery

CSEA Members Give Back to the Community

CSEA donates school supplies to assist with sometimes the costly burden on parents buying school supplies.
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