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Did you ever wonder who really is in the top 1%? According to the 2014 IRS Data Book … more info 
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Owning your own home was once thought to be “The American Dream”. But after the Great Recession … more info 
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Considering Retirement?
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The Big Picture: Strong Unions Strengthen Economy

March 12, 2016 Membership Conference!Save The Date March 12, 2016 Membership Conference!


 2015 CSEA Local 870 Scholarship Winners 

1. Melissa A. Riback
West Babylon Senior High School
Parent Member West Babylon UFSD
Lisa Riback
2. Cassidy Lilly
West Babylon Senior High School
Parent Member West Babylon UFSD
Carolyn Lilly

3. Emily Pressler
Southold Jr/Sr. High School
Parent Member Southold UFSD
Theresa Pressler
4. Gabriela Zafiropoulos
Sachem High School East
Parent Member Baypoint/Bluepoint UFSD
Toni Zafiropoulos

Strong Communities Work

“Let’s Build Relationships Together”

Come together to support our Strong communities work project, sponsored by Region One Education and Training Committee. Please bring donations to assist our community parents with the sometimes lengthy cost to fulfill the teachers list of supplies needed by each child.

regular Markers
washable markers
Marble Composition Notebooks
3 subject notebooks
5 subject notebooks
Loose leaf paper
pencil sizes supply boxes
Glue sticks
Scotch tape
paper clips
child proof Scissors
regular scissors
Scientific calculators (HS)

 Download and Print Supply List 

CSEA members give back to the community.


 In the Spirit of Teamwork,

Maria Navarro
Suffolk Educational Local 870
Local 870 Officers
Aldo, Steve, Joe,
Lionel, Vicki, Barbara
Nick LaMorte
CSEA Region One